Santinifon I.
Site-specific sound installation for Korespondance 2016, modern dance and physical theare festival. Installation was placed in a baroque chateau's enterance hall by 18th century architect by Jan Santini Aichel. The space was scanned with two hidden cameras to create an interactive canvas reacting to movement of people passing by. An advanced evolving sound design/interactive composition was triggered by this canvas.
(Žďár nad Sázavou, Czechia, 2016)

Sink Your Song
Site-specific sound installation for Floating Castle festival 2015. Throwing stones into a lake triggered music jingles from hidden speakers.
(Snežnik Castle, Slovenia, 2015)

Call Your Name
Site-specific sound installation for Floating Castle festival 2015. Interactive echo: people called their names into a cave enterance. The name was repeated by hidden spekars, followed by names of other people, who called before. Finally a sound effect of huge water flow came out from the cave.
(Snežnik Castle, Slovenia, 2015)

Sound installation for Floating Castle festival 2015. Castle's courtyard was turned into an interactive space: area was scanned with hidden camera and music was generated according to coordinates of the detected motion. Two parameters were controlled by two axis: pitch and timbre. Limited tone scale was used to keep resulting music "always in tune".
(Snežnik Castle, Slovenia, 2015)

Sound installation for Malá inventura theatre festival. Giant harp consisting of eight ropes, each 7m long. Piezo triggers, DSP processing and multichannel speakers were used to amplify and improve natural sound of the ropes to sound like a classical instrument. Several techniques of playing were possible including plucking and bowing. (2014, foto & video by Ondřej Vraštil)

Sound Attic
Sound installation for Festival na lúkách (Zaježová, SK). Six interactive sound objects build in the smithy attic, every object involving different technical solution and playing technique. Made from old stuff found around traditional mountain farmhouse. Piezo, DSP processing, samples. In addition some sounds were triggered by camera, scanning the acces ladder. (In collaboration with Tomáš Brichta, 2015)

Legends for Tree Ears

Soundscape for one of the "Sinking Songs" scenography installations for Floating Castle festival 2015. Track is composed from short traditional legends in nine different languages, recorded exclusively in a natural cave by participants of the festival. It was played as a loop from a near field speaker hidden in one of the "tree ears".
(Snežnik Castle, Slovenia, 2015)