This site contains excerpts from various fields of Tomáš Háček's music composition & production. Feel free to contact me.

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Littlewood Songs

9-track ambient EP of instrumental lullabies. Instruments used: nut shells, phonolite stones, mandolin, accordion, melodica, tin whistle, violin and the electronic stuff. Released on Bandcamp (2020).

Santinifon I.
Site-specific sound installation for Korespondance 2016, modern dance and physical theare festival. Installation was placed in a baroque chateau's enterance hall by 18th century architect by Jan Santini Aichel. The space was scanned with two hidden cameras to create an interactive canvas reacting to movement of people passing by. An advanced evolving sound design/interactive composition was triggered by this canvas.
(Žďár nad Sázavou, Czechia, 2016)