Film score for Batalives (Cinebonbon, 2017), feature length documentary by Karolína Zalabáková and Petr Babinec. Five stories from five towns built by Bata shoe company around the world in 1920s. (2017)


Music for animated short by Alžběta Burešová. "Organic electronics" inspired by dirty geometric scene. (2017)

Kosmo / Cosmic

Film score for Kosmo (Logline for Czech TV, 2016), satirical TV series about Czech Republic sending astronauts to Moon. Full orchestra in hollywood style using variations on Czech anthem. (2016)

Jáma / My Home

Film score for Jáma (Nutprodukce, 2014), feature length documentary by Jiří Stejskal about "one woman, two husbands, four children, seven pigs and a herd of goats surviving on the last farm in the modern district of Kiev". Violin, double bass, accordion and electronica. Full soundtrack available here.

Kitchen Stories

Music for animated short for kids (VŠUP, 2013) by Vojtěch Domlátil. Kitchen sounds used for rythm and some chromatic percussion. (2013)


Film score for Romance rytířské doby, 27min short film by Jan Hubáček
recorded by FBM philharmonic orchestra (2010)


Film score for 22min sci-fi comedy Problems, directed by Aneta Beránková.
Composed for traditional czech brass band and sci-fi samples, on director's demand inspired by L'Internationale song. Recorded by Trnkovjanka brass band.(2011)

100x nic

Film score in retro italian style for 30min psychological drama 100x nic.
UTB and Czech TV coproduction, directed by Tomáš Binter. (2012)

Referát o unii

Film score for 30min interactive educational spy comedy for schools by Evolution Films, directed by Jan Bártek. The task was to do a crossover between Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Elfman-Burton horror style.(2011)


Film score for Trofej, feature-length movie directed by Tomáš Binter
recorded by Czech Film Orchestra (Czech TV, 2008)

Návrat do červeného města

Film score for Return to the Red City, 58min detective film (2008)

Blahoslavená voda rozum nekalí

Strings & piano & psychedelic electronics, trailer for short film by Alan Soural (2011)

The Little Snack

Full-length rock groove for animated short by Vlaďka Macurova (2008)

Tales from Gingerland

Tales from Gingerland development trailer, combination of "ginger" instruments - accordion & mandolin - with symphonic orchestra (2010)

Tales from Gingerland II

Tales from Gingerland development trailer II (2011)

Space Troubles

Film score for animated short by Libor Drobný, mixture of naive techno and live recorded crazy accordion & clarinet (2009)

Kamenáč Bill

Main theme for animated western parody by Barbora Střítežská (2004)